Sunday, August 2, 2009



gossip is a Japanese indies visual kei band with a dark and sinister edge that was formed in Tokyo in early 2005 by vocalist Hiro. Their first live took place at Takadanobaba AREA on May 11th.

Aside from their mini-album, gossip released a number of exceptional singles before disbanding after their one-man FINAL CALL at Takadanobaba Area on February 21, 2008. Though the band only had a lifetime of about three years, it was made of already experienced musicians who were able to create a number of very moving songs and give impressive lives during that time. Fans of rock and especially the visual scene who may not be familiar with this band yet should certainly check them out.

Current members:
Vocal: 緋絽 (Hiro) [ex-Visage]
Guitar: kaname [ex-dystopia]
Guitar: 公佑 (Kousuke) [ex-Deuse]
Bass: 卓也 (Takuya) [ex-Pawn]
Drums: 雅美 (Masami) [ex-Faust]

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