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[BAND PROFILE] Intestine Baalism

Intestine Baalism 

Vocals/Guitar: Seiji Kakuzaki
Guitar: Jiro Ito
Drums: Hisao Hashimoto
Bass: Kenji Minagawa

Started: 1991
Status: Inactive


Intestine Baalism was formed by Seiji Kakuzaki, Takeshi Ohkouchi, and some other unknowns in 1991. Earlier, they played thrash metal, but after Katsumasa Toshida joined in 1992, they became what the band is know for now: death metal. "The Energumenus" was their first release, and was just a demo in 1994. In a short time, it sold 500 copies and, excouraged by this, the band searched for a label to spread their music internationally. Repulse Records gave them what they wanted, so they signed with them and released "An Anatomy of the Beast" in 1997.

This album, around the world, was accepted as one of the most amazing death metal albums released, but soon later, they came down with unexpected problems. They paused their activities and inthat time, Takeshi, one of the founding members, left the band. The last two members (Seiji and Katsumasa) searched for replacements, but found none. Even so, in 1997 they began recording once again.

In 2000, Seiji and Katsumasa recruited Jiro Ito on guitar and Hisao Hashimoto on the drums. With these new members, they finished recording "Banquet in the Darkness" by the end of 2000. This album was released by Blackend Records in April of 2003. This album was ranked very highly, and had dozens upon dozens of reviews in magazines such as Rockhard and Legacy. "An Anatomy of the Beast" wa rereleased in 2003 by their new label, Blackend Records.

Sadly, at the end of 2003, Katsumasa Yoshida left the band and was replaced by Kenji Minagawa, who actually participated in the recording of one track from "Banquet in the Darkness". It is said a third album is in the works....

PS: Intestine Baalism is a term for the Sumerian god of the harvest (or Baal).

Banquet in the Darkness
An Anatomy of the Beast

The Energumenus

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