Monday, August 3, 2009

[BAND PROFILE] Lovely Mocochang

Lovely Mocochang (LMC) Profile

Vocals: Maya
Guitar: Aiji

Started: 2006
Status: Active


Created by ex-Miyavi support guitarist Maya and ex-PIERROT guitarist Aiji, Lovely Mocochang or better known as LM.C debuted on the music scene in the Fall of 2006 with their October 4th release of Trailers Gold and Trailers Silver. Being only their first singles, they hit the top 20 on the Oricon music charts.

Trading the guitar in for vocals, Maya with Aiji on guitar and backed up by a support band, LM.C released their third single OH MY JULIET from their first mini-album GLITTER LOUD BOX in January of 2007. Included with the mini album, a DVD titled LM.C 2006 Works which documented the duo’s time in the studio working on the album along with an accompanying photoshoot and the creation of their first PV.

With the recent release of their fourth single BOY&GIRLS, LM.C’s future looks bright thanks in part to their hybrid mixture of rap rock sound that has helped them to be recognized as one of the most unique j-rock bands in Japan. Not following the usual trends and styles other bands seemingly settle into.

Mini Albums

Bell the Cat
Liar Liar / Sentimental PIGgy Romance
Trailers (Silver)
Trailers (Gold)

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