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KuRT Profile

Guitar: Ryouki
Drums: Kiaki
Guitar: Yuma
Bass: Saburou
Bass: Oto
Vocals: Tenten

Started: 2004
Status: Disbanded 2007


KuRt was formed by former members of Hanamuke, Yuma and Tenten. They released their first single Oritamishiki Ojiichan in January 2005, which was limited to 2000 copies and sold out very quickly. Their next single was titled Saraba BAMBI, and only available through mail order. Two months later, they played their first one-man live titled "Kihibikiiyako 3 Hiki ~Sendai Hen~", and also released their first full length album Junketsu Sengishiri Metsuretsu.

The band toured throughout the time they were together, participating in such tours as Cannonball vol. 2, and the 8th anniversary event for Takadanobaba AREA. They also went on tour with Vidoll and bis and in November they participated in "UNDERCODE PRODUCTIONS SPECIAL TOUR: NIHON SEIATSU TOUR 2005" before finishing off the year with a one man live at the Shibuya Ax.
They continued to tour throughout 2006, and even made appearances in Korea. A few months upon returning to Japan, Tenten announced he would be leaving the band. Oddly, this news came on his blog rather than at a live showing. The remaining band members of KuRt didn’t want to replace Tenten and decided to play their final show. Tenten didn’t show up, and KuRt was forced to play without a vocalist. As a final farewell, THEE SPIDER EFFECT was pressed as a compilation CD containing all six of the singles released for the series. It was limited to only 2000 copies and also included a DVD featuring three new PVs.

Albums and Mini Albums
The Spider Effect
Neighborhood Number
Junketsu Sengi Shirimetsuretsu

Pink Zebrise Beauty
Blued Eater
Aka Sae Hana Kumo
Million Black Tarantura
Tree Spider
Silver Thorn Spider
Akashiya,br> Hizumukuro
205 goushitsu kuroi menkaijikan
Akai gekijou
Oritatamishiki Ojiichan accoustic remix
Oritatamishiki Ojiichan

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